Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Form 2B, 1964/65

Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe. Form 2B (1st year) 1964/65. The Grey Book for that year lists 26 boys in the class, room 8 (New Block), form-master J.L. Ditchburn.

Back Row (left-right): JC (John) Gatland, SA (Stephen) John?, PKB (Peter) Smith?, J Hammond?, JM (James) Stonham, DP (Dave) Westcott.

3rd Row (left-right): PH Jones?, AP (Andy) Lake, SC (Stephen) Scully?, NN, AD (Alan) Carthy.

2nd Row (left-right): S (Stephen) Woosey, GD Taylor?, GC (Geoff) Heuser, KJ Bateman?, AN (Andrew) Carr, CR (Clive) Walton.

Front Row (left-right): CJ (Chris) Newby, DN (Derek) Summers, AJ (Tony) Reiss, AR (Andrew) Morley?, NN, MP (Michael) Horn?, HA (Henry) Becket.

There are 24 boys here so two are missing, plus the two unidentified in the photo. The four relevant names are: WF Harrison, S Barton, NM (Neville) Harris and MS (Mark?) Newton.

Photo supplied by Andy Lake. He's had a go at identifying the boys in as given here, with some additions by me.

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