Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Tylers Wood Boarding House 1959

If you click here, you should be able to see reference numbers appear against each person in the photo (click here to switch it off again).

Many thanks to Mark Forrester for sending me this photo of Tyler's Wood boarders in the Summer of 1959 and providing most of the identifications. Thanks also to Tony Wood for confirming some of my subsequent guesses at identity.

Back Row: Mark F Forrester 4X, Ray D Smith 6S1, RA ("Fred") French 6S1, PJC ("Ginger") Clark 5X, JC ("Archie") Bowman 5US, Jim M Skinner 5Y, Dave R Tilling 5Z, AC (Tony, Charlie) Wood 5UY, Peter J Yates 6M1
Next to back row: DG Ashby? 6M3, JB Simmons 5UY, PIF Thomas 5UA, DA ("Goose") Walker 5UY, AG (Tony) Lane 6S1, CD ("Waggy") Wagstaff 4Y, AJ Davis 5X, Mick G Welch 5UY, CP (Clive, "Piggy") Blunt 6B3
Next to front row: Ian M Horn 6C, DJM (Jeremy) Rendall 6S2, George W Moss 6S3, Mr Horace W Johnson, Mr R ("Moan") Pattinson, Matron Bligh, DH (Nick) Nicholls 6S2, WR (Bill) Waller 6S2, MD Humphries 6S1
Front Row: MW (Manny) Clarke 4A, NN, Steve F Young 5Y, Pete RG Clark 3X, John L Newman 3S, BC Matthews 5US, RG Thomas 5Z, BD Downing 5Z, Colin F Pass 4A.

Other boy marked as Tyler's Wood in the 1958/59 Grey Book but not identified above: BK Lawrence 5S.

If you are interested in this photo, you might also want to look at Tony Wood's photos of Tyler's Wood around the same time. Also, the 1955 Tyler's Wood boarders photo.

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