Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Tylers Wood Boarding House 1955

If you click here, you should be able to see reference numbers appear against each person in the photo (click here to switch it off again).

I purloined this photo of Tyler's Wood boarders in 1955 from the Old Boys' Newsletter, back in 2007, and have used some of the identifications made in that issue and subsequent ones by Andrew Newton and Bill Pender. Later: More names contributed by Geoff Gunning in 2013 and Steve Mardell in 2014.

Back Row: NN, NN, NN, Derek H Nicholls 3X, George W Moss 5 Shell, Peter J Holtorp 3S, MVJ (Mike) Hayward 5US, NN, Michael A (Dennis) Hollingham 5S
Next to back row: Chanindra Chandrubeksa 5S, CSJ (Charles Stephen Julian, "Steve", "Pongo") Mardell 5X, Andrew G Newton 6S1, Christopher L Rankin? 5UA, Dave A Scott-Kiddie 5X, NN, Gerry LS Hickey 5US, JD ("Spud", "Mandrill") Murphy 5UR, AL "Heddy" Hardstaff 5X.
Next to front row: TJ (Tim) Gowan 6S2, Roger D Owen 6S3, Michael Lacey 6S4, Matron Bligh, Mr Reginald ("Patsy", "Moan") Pattinson, Mr Horace ("Hosh") W Johnson, AJ Gordon 6S3, PS Matthews 6S2, P Aikens 6S1.
Front Row: Peter J Yates 3A, IW (Ivan, "Iwy") Youds 4A, WL (Bill) Pender 3A, Michael A Claridge 4S, HJ (Harry) Hodkinson 4X, WR (Dick) Waller 4A, AG (Tony) Lane 3S, M (Michael) Ashburner 3S.

More informal photos of boys at Tylers Wood in the 1950s, contributed by Michael Claridge. You might want to look at the 1959 Tyler's Wood photo. And also Tony Wood's photos of Tyler's Wood around 1959/60.

Want to look people up in the Grey Book? Click here for the complete 1953/54 Grey Book - and the incomplete 1954/55 Grey Book (just boys in forms, not the alphabetical list, unfortunately) - and the 1955/56 Grey Book (form lists as the previous year). These are links to Tony Hare's page - many thanks to him for making them available.

Michael Ashburner became an eminent biologist/geneticist and appears on Wikipedia.

Tim Gowan sadly passed away on 23 October 2015, aged 78. An obituary may be found in the Jesus College Cambridge annual report for 2016.

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