Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Tyler's Wood Photos, 1959-1963

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Tyler's Wood Boarding House Photos, circa 1959-63

Mark Forrester (RGS 1958-63) kindly lent me these candid shots taken during his time at the school. Mark was in the Tyler's Wood boarding house and eventually became the first XV rugby captain so they naturally focus on those two things.

Mark tells us this was the Tyler's Wood common room, sixth form end, in about 1960. Anyone getting a feeling of deja vu is very nearly right. It is almost identical to a photo which Tony Wood sent to me some time ago and featured here.

Mark Forrester is sitting at the table. Standing, left to right: Bill Andrews, JB (Johnny) Hume, Richard C (Ricky) Palmer (from Uplyme), DA (David, "Goose") Walker, NN, PIF Thomas, Pete Ayres, AE (Tony) Dingle. (Note: Bill Andrews and Pete Ayres identified by Bill (WRH) Andrews, November 2015)

Tyler's Wood garden, probably 1959, says Mark. Left to right (where not obvious, hover with the mouse over the relevant face): PIF Thomas, NN, AJ Davis, Mark Forrester, [Gerard?? behind], Waggy Wagstaff (behind), Tony Wood, Mick Welch (obscured behind Tony Wood), Ginger Clark, John Newman (at the back), BC Matthews (middle), SF Young (front), Dave Tilling, Fred French (foreground, right)

"By the ablutions block [Tyler's Wood]. Probably 1960. We 'found' them on the road from school to Tyler's" (Mark Forrester). A likely story...

"Ablutions Block, Tyler's Wood, prob 1959," says Mark Forrester. He also gave a couple of names but I'm suppressing them to protect the guilty. Like the Giant Rat of Sumatra, this may appear to be a story for which the world is not yet ready but I have posted it here so that the youth of today have ample evidence that their grandfathers behaved every bit as disgracefully at school as they themselves do today.

Probably at a rugby match, c 1961/62, says Mark. His identifications, left to right: VW Punton, JH (Jack) Dawes, NN, Ron Fewtrell, NN, Ian Whitwham, Fred Harding, (Mark Forrester's mouth just visible).

There is another Tylers Wood photo from 1959 here (sent by Mark Forrester)

Tony Wood's photos, of Tyler's Wood and elsewhere, late 1950s.

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