Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Rugby Colts XV, 1962/63

RGS High Wycombe: Rugby Colts (Under 15) XV

Back (left to right): Nigel Hampton (5R), Gordon Monaghan (5R), Nick Mitchenall (5A), Barry Fitchett (5X), Pete Lavender (5R), Dave Gostlow (5S), Paul Beasley (5Y), Ian Hentall (5Y), Chris Fewtrell (5X).

Front (left to right): John Dixon (5R), Bryan Fox (5X), David Lewis (5Y), John Rivers (5UY), Phil DL Brown (5Y), John Hume (5R), Steve Tinton (5A).

Report in the May 1963 Wycombiensian:

Played 12, Won 7, Drawn 1, Lost 4

Despite the respectable appearance of their record, this has been a rather disappointing season for the Colts. With so many strong and talented boys in the side only excellence could have truly satisfied.The pack was heavy and certainly played with great vigour. Lavender, who twice travelled as reserve for the England Schools XV (under 15 group), was always in the thick of the forward battle—usually making considerable ground. Of the other forwards, Rivers (the Captain), Gostlow (a voracious tackler), Lewis and Tinton deserve mention for their spirited forward play.

Few of the backs were lacking in spirit either, but as a unit they hardly functioned at all. Perhaps the frequent loss of Beasley, a promising outside-half, prevented the three-quarters from settling down. Certainly Hampton, who understands the art of drawing an opponent before passing, improved when allowed to play outside Beasley.

No member of the side played with greater enthusiasm, courage or promise than did Brown at scrum-half, which is possibly not his natural position, but, like so many of the team, he did not think sufficiently about his function in what is so fundamentally a team game. Every member of the side is capable of developing into a really valuable 1st XV player, if, but only if, he is prepared to think and learn about positional play and combining with others.

The following boys played: J. M. Rivers (Captain), P. A. Beasley, P. D. L. Brown, J. Dixon, B. J. B. Fox, B. C. Fitchett, D. A. Gostlow, N. P. Hampton, I. D. Hentall, J. W. Hume, P. R. Lavender, D. W. Lewis, M. F. Quin, N. D. Mitchenall, S. C. B. Tinton, C. Fewtrell.

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