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People identified in this photo so far:

Ref. No. Name, details
B24 (may be Albert William Tubbs? (1914-1941)
C21 Mr James Albert McQueen (French, RGS 1919-47, 1882-1965)
C22 Mr James Arthur (Jimmy) Hurn (Physics, RGS 1919?-1927?, 1889-1927)
C23 Mr J ("Soapy") Sumpter (PE, RGS 1920s-30s, 1885?-?)
C24 Mr Peter Lewis ("Piljy") Jones (Maths, RGS 1916-64, 1892-1970)
C25 Mr Harold George Brand, deputy headmaster (Maths, RGS 1911-46, 1886-1958)
C26 Mr George Wright Arnison, headmaster (RGS 1905-33, 1875-1965)
C27 Mr Walter John Bartle (all subjects, 1901-35, 1875-1968)
C28 Rev. Arthur Montague Berry (History, Scripture, RGS 1914-33, 1873-1967)
C29 Mr Alfred Marti (French, Music, RGS 1919-45, 1883-1945)

Photo submitted by Sam, 2019, showing a comparison of Albert William Tubbs (1914-1941, RGS 1925-1929) in 1932 as a member of the No. 2 Wing Senior Boxing Team, RAF Halton, 1932, and a cut-out from the RGS photo in 1929. It's a very convincing likeness of the 1929 photo but much less so the 1926 photo above.

Albert William Tubbs (1914-1941)

Albert William Tubbs was born on 12 August 1913 In Calcutta, India, and died on 4 March 1941 when he was a pilot, ranked Sergeant, service number 564445, with 254 Squadron, RAF (Commonwealth War Graves Commission record). He is buried in Monks Risborough (photo of his gravestone). He was the son of Major Albert M Tubbs and Ruby Geraldine Tubbs, husband of Marjorie Pearl (née Hornby) Tubbs and elder brother of Ivor H Tubbs who also attended the RGS from 1936 to 1942.

1941 Albert Tubbs funeral
Funeral of Pilot Sergeant Albert "Bertie" Tubbs, reported in the Bucks Herald, 14 March 1941.

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