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Britbase Hiarcs Chess SoftwareHiarcs Chess Forum John Saunders (@johnchess) on Twitter
Gibraltar International Chess Festival LiChess.orgGame AnalysisGame Editor Top Chess Twitter Links Isle of Man International ChessBombChess24 (Watch live games) Bristol Chess Times (John Richards)
John Saunders' Chess Blog US Chess Federation Buckinghamshire Chess
London Chess Centre Internet Chess Club Cambridge University Chess Club
London Chess Classic FICS (Free Internet Chess Server) Dorset Chess
4NCL Playchess (ChessBase Online) Essex Chess Association Susan Polgar Blog Greater London Chess Club
The Week in Chess (TWIC) Chess Scotland (SCO)Noticeboard Hampshire Chess Association
ChessbaseLive Games Database Welsh Chess UnionWelsh Premier League Hastings Chess ClubHastings Congress
Chessdom Irish Chess Online Holland Park Chess
FIDE (World Chess Federation) Ulster Chess UnionUlster Chess Chronicle Kings Head CC
FIDE Rating Look-Up Irish Chess History and Records (IRLChess) Kingston-upon-Thames Chess Club
Live Chess Ratings Guernsey Chess Club Liverpool Chess Club
English Chess FederationECF Resources Glorney Gilbert Cup London Chess League
English Grading List (new format) • English Grading List (old format) UK Chess Challenge (Junior) London Public Service Leagues
British Chess Championship Magnus Carlsen's Blog Metropolitan Chess Club
List of British Chess Champions GM Michael Adams Official Site Middlesex County Chess Association
Yorkshire Grading List GM Gawain Jones' Blog Northumberland Chess League
English Chess Forum GM Matthew Sadler's Website Richard James (Chess Tutor) • Chess for Heroes
East Anglian Chess Union GingerGM (GM Simon Williams' Website) Surrey County Chess Association
Midland Counties Chess Union Jacob Aagaard's QualityChess Blog Mid-Sussex League
Northern Counties Chess Union Dave Smerdon Blog (Australian GM) Yorkshire ChessYorkshire Chess History
Southern Counties Chess Union - County Chess Championship TigerChess (GM Nigel Davies) John & Sue Beasley Website (Studies, Problems, Variants)
West of England CU The Chess Improver (Nigel Davies, Richard James, etc) Chesslab
Guardian Chess (Leonard Barden) Max Euwe Centre Braille Chess Association
Financial Times chess column (Leonard Barden) Europe Échecs (FRA) English Federation for Correspondence Chess
Evening Standard Chess (Leonard Barden) Australian Chess Federation British Universities' Chess Association (BUCA)
Chess History Center Canadian Chess Federation Chess Pages of Mike Donnelly
Douglas Griffin: Russian Chess History & Literature New Zealand ChessPoison Pawn Blog (Michael Freeman) British Chess Problem Society
Chess Book Chats - Michael Clapham Nørresundby Chess ClubChess Diagram Generator Uncrowned Kings Home Page
Association of Chess Professionals Chess Archaeology Lars Balzer's Downloads Index
Nalimov Tablebase Chess Life / Chess Review (USA) Magazine Archive Tim Krabbé's Chess Curiosities (NED)
OlimpbaseChess Focus (stats) Russian Chess Federation Chess in Schools and Communities Chess-News (Russia) Chess Arbiters' Association
Chess Today (A.Baburin) ChessTempo - Game Look-Up Improvement London Chess Conference
Time For Chess (online) Chess DB Game Look-Up and Analysis London ChessBoxing Club


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